Occasional Child Care in Wyndham Vale

Are you looking for occasional childcare in Wyndham Vale and surrounds? At Funtastic Kidz, we can help you when you need casual hours of childcare. We aim to entertain as well as give your child age-appropriate learning tasks to help them build their educational and life skills. We use creative and interactive learning methods to keep kids engaged with their surrounds and help them to build more confidence. We cater for child care, early learning, before and after school care and school holiday programs, with occasional child care that offers hours of attention for your child for when you’re busy with other things. You don’t have to book in for a full term like at other child care centres – we’re flexible enough to offer temporary child care exactly when you need it.

The Benefits of Occasional Child Care in Wyndham Vale and Surrounds

Flexibility – Sometimes you don’t need child care day in, day out. You may only need it on occasion, which is where our temporary child care really shines. When you choose Funtastic Kidz for occasional child care, you can rest assured you won’t have timelines forced onto you. We strive to provide the most convenient form of child care to you in the form that you want it.

Affordability – When you only pay for the child care that you use, you can enjoy financial savings. Our occasional child care is a more affordable option for families that only need child care on a temporary basis.

Empathy – Our educators and carers understand that it can be hard to fit in for kids when they’re in temporary child care. We look out for your child and encourage them to partake in group activities so that they get to know their peers.

Healthy Food – When there’s a lot of coming and going in a busy family, it’s important to have solid routines established. We can help in this regard by feeding your children healthy food from our kitchen. Whether you’re dropping off early or picking up late, you can be sure that your child will have been fed nourishing food.

Where Can I Get Flexible Child Care Near Me?

If you live in Wyndham Vale and surrounds, Funtastic Kidz is conveniently located to provide you with flexible child care that suits your individual needs. Want to find out more? Give us a call today for a casual conversation.

Why Choose Our Early Childcare Centre in Wyndham Vale

Early learning opportunities for 1 year olds to 5 year olds.

A program designed to ready kids for school, helping them to develop independence and learning skills.

Nutritionist-chosen meals that feature whole foods for a healthy mind and body.

Time outside as well as inside breaks up the day and allows for vitamin D.

Bonding with nature allows kids to understand and respect their environment.

Dedicated teachers and carers on site to lead groups of children in activities, helping them to learn and grow with gentle encouragement.

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    Note: These days cannot be guaranteed. Please see Parent Handbook and our Enrolment Policy.

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      Note: These days cannot be guaranteed. Please see Parent Handbook and our Enrolment Policy.