The Child Care Subsidy Program

As a recognised provider of childcare, Funtastic Kidz is registered for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS). This government child care subsidy program came into being in 2018 to replace the Child Care Benefits (CCB) and child care rebate schemes. Its aim is to make childcare more affordable to a larger portion of the community.

How Does the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) work?

The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) involves the government paying a portion of the childcare fees to the recognised childcare provider. The parents enrolling their child pay the gap amount between the government subsidy and the true cost of the childcare.

How Can We Help?

Here at Funtastic Kidz, we want you to get the most you can out of the child care subsidy program. That’s why we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about using your CCS with us. We want your kids to receive the very best care they’re entitled to.

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible?

Some basic checkpoints on eligibility are:

  • You care for a child 13 years or younger who is not attending secondary school
  • You are using an approved child care provider
  • You are the one in charge of paying child care fees
  • You meet residency and immunisation statuses

How Much Will I Get?

The amount you may receive from the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) will be determined by:

  • Family income
  • The type of childcare you use
  • Your child’s age
  • The activities you and your partner are engaged in

Want to Find Out More About the Child Care Subsidy Program?

If you have questions about the Child Care Subsidy (CCS), you can find out more by contacting Centrelink. Here at Funtastic Kidz, we can also answer your questions about the child care subsidy program. We’re a registered provider and can help you get the most of your entitlement to more affordable child care. Call us today to find out more.

Why Choose Our Early Childcare Centre in Wyndham Vale

Early learning opportunities for 1 year olds to 5 year olds.

A program designed to ready kids for school, helping them to develop independence and learning skills.

Nutritionist-chosen meals that feature whole foods for a healthy mind and body.

Time outside as well as inside breaks up the day and allows for vitamin D.

Bonding with nature allows kids to understand and respect their environment.

Dedicated teachers and carers on site to lead groups of children in activities, helping them to learn and grow with gentle encouragement.

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