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At Funtastic Kidz, we offer exceptional child care near Werribee as well as having a thriving kindergarten and day care facilities. We can accommodate children from age 1 to 12 years old, with additional programs available such as after school care and school holiday initiatives.

Here at Funtastic Kidz, fun is the name of the game. We aim to provide plenty of it through our learning activities, such as those involving nature, music and art. Your child will come home with enchanting stories of what happened at childcare that day, demonstrating their ability to make friends in a safe and welcoming environment.

Kindergarten near Werribee

Our kindergarten near Werribee is all about preparing kids for school, but this shouldn’t be done in too strict a manner. At Funtastic Kidz, we put safe boundaries in place to ensure kids feel comfortable in our learning environment, but we also seek to have them come out of their shells and celebrate being their unique selves through many creative and fun outlets. Taking a joyous approach to learning and development, we cover all the basics of literacy, numeracy and emotional development that are set out in the National Early Years Learning Framework.

Day Care near Werribee

Our day care near Werribee accommodates children from one year to 5 years old. We provide age appropriate care and activities for your child all day long. Some kids love our day care for the happy environment they find themselves in, while others are rapt with our amazing playground. We aim to make every child feel engaged in our active learning opportunities that make use of their playful imaginations.

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At Funtastic Kidz, we want to enhance the fun experience of being a kid while imparting vital life lessons at an early age. Our warm and friendly early learning centre near Werribee is welcoming of kids of all ages from years 1 to 12. If you’re looking for a day care near Werribee that your kid will love, get in touch with us today by calling 1800 386 543.

Why Choose Our Early Childcare Centre in Wyndham Vale

Early learning opportunities for 1 year olds to 5 year olds.

A program designed to ready kids for school, helping them to develop independence and learning skills.

Nutritionist-chosen meals that feature whole foods for a healthy mind and body.

Time outside as well as inside breaks up the day and allows for vitamin D.

Bonding with nature allows kids to understand and respect their environment.

Dedicated teachers and carers on site to lead groups of children in activities, helping them to learn and grow with gentle encouragement.

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    Note: These days cannot be guaranteed. Please see Parent Handbook and our Enrolment Policy.

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      Note: These days cannot be guaranteed. Please see Parent Handbook and our Enrolment Policy.